Repairs of the Pick-to-Light system

Repairs of the Pick-to-Light system are very rare and mostly necessary because of the mechanical destruction. We explain the reasons for the repair and show what is repaired and what is replaced. What does the warranty cover?

Reasons for the repairs of the Pick-to-Light system

There are not very many reasons for repairing a Pick-to-Light system. The electronic components are very proven and stable for many years. The wiring is simple and the BUS system in the sub-profiles is protected against electrical interference.

Here are some reasons for the rare repairs from practice:

  • Mechanical defects of the compartment displays caused by forklifts or pallets.
  • Damage to wiring due to improper use or lack of ram protection.
  • Conversion of network structures (firewall) with termination of data connections.
  • Changing the software versions of the warehouse management systems (update SAP) without prior agreement.

Most of the failures we see in practice are mechanical damages caused by forklifts in front of incorrectly placed pallets. The other reasons for repair are negligible in percentage terms.

Protection against mechanical defects

The construction of our Pick-to-Light displays is very robust, consisting of aluminum profiles that are clicked into each other. Unlike the other market competitors with plastic housings, our solution is much more stable in case of mechanical damage.

Of course, every mechanical system has its limits. Only robust impact protection can help against the forces exerted by a forklift or heavy pallet.

The Pick-to-Light compartment displays can only be mechanically protected to a limited extent. The picker must have a clear view of the signal lamp and the quantity display. He must also confirm the removal quantity at the acknowledgement button after removal.

Replacement or repair of the components

The individual pick-by-ligt compartment displays and controllers are equipped with microprocessors and complex electronics. Repair of the mechanically damaged modules is only possible in our authorized specialist workshop. In most cases, however, the components are replaced. Often the repair is also no longer possible because of the defects.

Warranty and guarantee

When does the warranty apply and when not? This question can be answered very simply: If there is a mechanical defect, the warranty does not apply. In some cases, however, we are very accommodating and replace the defective components free of charge. Learn more about the warranty of the Pick-to-Light system in a separate article.

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