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The third generation of Pick-by-Light hardware was developed in cooperation with our partner ELV in Leer. The professional hard- and software development is based on more than fifteen years of experience in the business. System requirements which are drawn up for a Pick-by-Light can easily be met with this latest development.

Network-compatibility of the Pick-by-Light system and the linking of additional components allows for a wide and flexible range of application.

Logical positioning of the picking zones is managed by the Pick-by-Light server, so that one SpeedyGate can supply several picking zones simultaneously.

Due to modern BUS-technolgy no separate programming is required for display replacements. The new display takes on the function of the old one after confirming at the touch of the button.

In combination with our material-flow system Pick-by-Light rounds off the comprehensive package.


Photo: Pick-by-Light system with 10.000 displays


  • High intensity of the displays through power management
  • Easy system handling
  • Increase in performance through paperless picking
  • Network-compatible application
  • Easy diagnosis through web-interface
  • Fast return on investment
  • Low maintenance costs


System structure



Examples for assembly

DSC02376_480 Pass shelves with MIDI readouts for withdrawal of individual items.
DSC02402_480 Pick-by-Light displays for withdrawal from the boxes. The display bar is suspended from the ceiling.


Cost Effectiveness

w100_1Precise planning of internal processes allows a cost-optimized development of our systems. Project evaluation proves the cost effectiveness of our calculations.

System concepts

w100_2Years of experience and developments of our software have established a clear and very firm concept for the construction of customized logistics systems.


w100_3Our cooperation with lots of medium-sized companies in the branch of industry adds numerous important and professional components to our product range.
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