Pick-to-Light / Pick-to-Light

Pick-to-Light / Pick-to-Light belongs to the "paperless" picking methods consisting of compartment displays. Supports the order picker in the warehouse with light when picking his pick list. The pick quantity is displayed directly at the storage compartment and the pick is confirmed at the acknowledgement button.

Pick-to-Light / Pick-to-Light is one of the best manual picking methods

Pick-to-Light &

Paperless order picking with
storage compartment displays

With Pick-to-Light picking system, the picking of goods or products takes place in a warehouse without a pick list. A Pick-to-Light module is installed at each storage compartment and controlled in real time. As soon as the software of the warehouse management system starts an order, the Pick-to-Light compartment displays light up quantities at the storage compartments. The removal of the goods is confirmed directly with the acknowledgement button and the stock change is immediately booked automatically.
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